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Government Disability Funding

Disability Funding
Queensland Disability funding will place the funding and choice in the hands of the families. How do you best spend that resource

As of the 8th of May 2013, Premier Campbell Newman signed a joint document with the Prime Minister to include Queensland in Disability Care Australia- the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This historic agreement will transform the way disability services and care are both accessed and provided in Queensland, let alone provide the largest boost to disability funding in the State.

How will this affect you?

In late 2012 the Queensland Government committed an additional $868 million over the next 5 years towards disability services. This additional funding was on top of Queensland’s record investment of $959 million announced in the 2012-2013 State Budget.

The Government indicates that when the NDIS comes into place that it will provide all illegible Queenslanders with access to a scheme that guarantees lifetime coverage for the costs of reasonable and necessary disability care and support. It will also give Queenslanders with a disability a choice and control over their disability supports, including their specialist, mainstream and community support.

If you don’t know the WHO, WHERE, HOW OFTEN and WHAT of your disability management plan, you will be left feeling helpless when this resource is distributed to you. My concern here is if families are not prepared and educated that the funding that ┬áis available:

jigsaw puzzle may not be accessed for people who may be eligible
jigsaw puzzle wasted on treatment or products that may not be effective in their treatment programs
jigsaw puzzle may be used ineffectively from families and disabled individuals not having the access to information to make these choices based on their needs.

The Government have indicated that they will be working with non-government sector to do what they can to prepare the sector, and Queenslanders with disability, for a transition to a fully operational NDIS from 1 July 2019.

Case Management From Home and our support program is being built for this reason…supporting families and disabled individuals in accessing appropriate support and being empowered with information to be a central role in the undertaking of their own case management. The support program will be offering information about how this may affect you as it is made available. Current support programs for funding are available to assit with the expense of medical support and treatment programs for various conditions.

Case management From Home is more important now than ever for families and individuals with disabilities to be at the front of this wave as it builds up in momentum to benefit from the funding that is available. Learning the process involved, the system and also the funding that is available is crucial to being onto of your own case management and in achieving your goals.

We will be providing information about …

What funding is available?

Who is eligible to receive funding?

How to apply for funding?

How to go about accessing the services that you need?

How can you fast track that process to mobilise the funds as soon as possible?

Government disability funding
When the Government Funding is made available…do you know which queue to stand in or how to fast track this process.

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